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архивная находка

недавно читал избранные статьи Андроникова. Он описывает свою радость после находки неизвестных стихов Лермонтова. Сегодня я сам испытал это радость, когда обнаружил среди бумаг произведение одного нашего современника, написанное в 1994 году. Автор - opossum - любезно разрешил мне опубликовать этот текст.
Итак, © opossum, The ballad of him and her The ballad of him and her.
It was yesterday, and it was really the hardest`s day nigtht in my life. I was down and I didn`t want to spoil the party of the sergeant Pepper`s lonely hearts clabband, so I was getting home. My rubber soul was only sleeping; I only hoped that it wouldn`t be long, but, of course, tomorrow never knows what would happen. In the the whole, I was just a loser that evening, and I felt that it was the end.
And I don`t know what had gone on: I`ve just seen a face and turned my head there. And all my life and all my love had changed. Oh! After the moment I saw her standing there.
To tell the trooth, she wasn`t standing: she was leaving home the moment I saw her. I was unable to think of something else, I came up to her and said:
– Hello, little girl!
– Hello goodbye! – she anwered quickly and then she said – she said – : my number is one after 909. All you`re got tj do is to ring, tj speak with Martha aboub the way to cook the glass onion, to mean Mr. Mustard – do you know Mr. Mustard? such a sun king? – and then tp call my name. Now, I`m sorry, I can`t come together over you, but I`ll wait. – and she walked away.
Oh! It was just like a birthday for me – and you know the reason way. I`ve made that step inside, and now I was happy like the Fool on the hill, E. Rigby & Dr. Robert in one face. I was here, there and everywhere and I felt myself as a rich man. Some inner light of the strawberry fiekds was overfiling my soul, I was twisting and shouting, and crying obladioblada and All you Need Is Love and so on.
I came home rang her at once. I`ve pressed: 9 – 0 – 9 and then 1…
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Tags: postmodernism
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